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The usage of particle based dynamics simulations to provide insight at different scales is the central theme of my research. I am also very interested in developing new simulation models or techniques, as well as theoretical (numerical) models, in order to tackle unresolved problems in the field of chemical physics.

Please browse around and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you are looking for collaborations.


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Why wgserve.de?

Some times the question was raised: “Why you’re using such a strange domain name?” To satisfy your curiosity I’d like to explain it here in a few sentence.

When I study chemistry I’ve lived  for a couple of years in a shared flat with other students. Due to this time, end of the 1990’s, it was not common to have a persistent internet connection at home. At least not in Germany. If one was already online, then usually by using a modemW or an ISDNW connection. Network routerW which simply connects all your devices by wire or wireless were due to the price relatively rare in non-commercial environment at those days.

Therefore we wired our flat up, and I set up a small personal computer (486 DX4W), first running WindowsNT later with Linux as OS, in order to share the internet connection, which was served (on demand!) by an ISDN line. This machine was called wgserve from WG, which is the abbreviation for Wohngememeinschaft (shared flat in German) and Server obviously.