BibLib 0.1 released!

We (Sebastian an me) have finally released the first production/stable version of the python library BibLib! It’s a (pure) python library that provides several useful classes, methods and functions to work with BibTeXW bibliographic data within your python scripts.

As an example, this small code snippet shows (one way) how you can utilize BibLib to fetch an bibliographic record by its DOIW and add it to an existing BibTeX file:

from biblib import db_from_file, entry_from_doi, db_to_file

db = db_from_file('bibtex.bib')
entry = entry_from_doi('10.1088/0959-5309/43/5/301')
db_to_file(db, 'new.bib', encode=False)

I made you curious? Have a look at the project documentation, which comes with an tutorial and the full API!

libinclude released!

libinclude logo 1If you are working frequently on the command shell of POSIX systems, you may also make use of shell scripts in a more sophisticated manner than just executing a pile of commands. At this point I came to the conclusion, that one can save up  a lot of stupid copy & paste work by transferring often used functions to a separate file which can be simply included if necessary.

I use shell scripts extensively in order to create, execute and finally analyse computer simulations in a highly automatize way. Here I can often re-use functions, like those which are extracting data from output files, e.g.. To make the usage of those libraries more comfortable, Sebastian and me have developed libinclude.

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