About Me

Dr. Frank Römer


Why wgserve.de?

“I’m interested in understanding complex systems by analytical or numerical models.”

I have studied chemistry, but it turned out that working in a lab is not really compatible with me. With theoretical physical chemistry I found my recess. Here I have done my diploma (MSc) and PhD with the focus on classical molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. In the group of Thomas Kraska, we studied nucleation processes and the properties of the resulting nano particles.
At my first post doc position in London in the group of Fernando Bresme, we employed non-equilibrium MD simulations to understand the behaviour of fluids in a thermal gradient on a atomic or molecular level.

“I’d like to develop and implement new methods and or models to challenge unresolved issues.”

Coming from chemistry I moved more and more to physics. From nano scale I went now to meso scale systems. In the Institute of Theoretical Soft Matter and Biophysics at the FZ-Jülich I did research in the field of biophysics, focused on polymer brushes in shear flow. Here we utilize smoothed dissipative particle dynamics (SDPS) to capture hydrodynamic effects.

With my recently granted research project I will come back to the field of MD. More about my research you find here.

Memberships in professional bodies:

bunsenDeutsche Bunsen-Gesellschaft für Physikalische Chemie e.V.
(German Bunsen Society for Chemical Physics)
dpglogoDeutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft e.V.
(German Physical Society)